Parsing Upwork Job Feed to Monitor Clojure Jobs

I was checking Upwork to asses the job market for Clojure and it hit me – I can parse the Upwork Job Feed for Clojure and monitor it programmatically. So I fired up the REPL and started coding.

Before I began, I had to choose a Clojure library to parse RSS feeds. I went for So I added this dependency ([org.clojars.scsibug/feedparser-clj "0.4.0"]) to my project.clj:

Now we can start writing some codes. First, we would fetch the content of the RSS feed and parse it. The parse-feed function from the above mentioned library would do that for us.

Next, we need a function to extract the data we need. We will run this function (map) over the collection of items.

Here we’re simply getting the values of :title key and :uri key and putting them in another hashmap. We’re naming our key :url instead of their :uri

We can grab the collection of items in the :entries key of the feed variable we declared before. So here’s our main function:

We’re mapping the function we wrote over the entries and getting a collection of hashmaps. Then we’re using doseq to iterate over them and print the data out.

The final code looks like this:

Here, we have extracted only two fields and printed them out. We extracted the data into a new hashmap as an example. As a matter of fact, we could just print them out from the original feed variable. Then the code would have been shorter:

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