Vim Madness

I use the top notch IDEs for development but that is not geeky enough. So, ignoring my previous failed attempts, I am going to give the text editor one more try. Apparently, this blog post would be more like self documentation, mostly notes and hints to self. If anyone else also gets benefited, that’d be an added bonus.

Quick Shortcuts

  • Vundle Bundle Installation: “:BundleInstall”
  • New Tab: “:tabnew
  • Navigate Tabs: “:tabn” for next, “:tabp” for prev. “gt” in normal mode
  • Switch Windows: “Ctrl + w, Ctrl+w”
  • Splitting Windows: “:split “, “vsplit” for vertical splits
  • NerdTree – Open in new tab: “t”

Let there be ~/.vimrc

OK, here’s my ~/.vimrc, the initial version is messy, not organized at all, everything I came across, I stuffed in here. I shall update and clean the vimrc over time.

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