Fedora 15 “Love Lock” and My Experience

Fedora 15, codename “Love Lock” features Gnome3 as the default desktop environment. The UI is stunningly beautiful but the navigation requires some getting used to. Biggest surprise – no minimize button, Gnome3 devs focused on the use of workspace rather than minimizing. However I found out that we can still minimize by right clicking on the window of the application. But without playing much with the GUI, I jumped into setting up my work environment. Installing LAMP was a bit different given my past experience in Ubuntu.

Then started the service :

Changed ownership of the /var/www directory:

Then I fired up nautilus, browsed /var/www and deleted all the files. Created a index.php with phpinfo(). And then tried to restart the server:

It failed because the server document root was wrong in the httpd.conf. When installing apache on Fedora, the server document root is /var/www/html which I deleted while cleaning up /var/www. So I installed nano:

And then edited the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file with nano to fix the issues. Then again restarted the server and it worked 🙂

Besides, I learned this command:

It checks the httpd.conf for syntax errors.

I created a test user and then tried to delete the user. The GUI had issues with that. Then found this command to do that:

I downloaded Skype and installed. It’s working fine. So far the experience is good. I am learning lots of commands and I’m loving it 🙂

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