Good Bye 2010, Welcome 2011!

It feels just like yesterday I made the post Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010! 🙂

The year 2010 has been a pretty fast one! Here’s a quick highlights:

  • Went to the Sundarbans on a University tour. It was amazing. The tour was fun and eventful.
  • Started working for BRE LLC as a software engineer and started our first project – Webtrafficcops.
  • Talked at the AloAshbei Developer’s Meetup
  • Competed in AloAshbei software development contest and made my way into the top 10
  • Spoke at the phpXperts Seminar, 2010. Visited Hasin Vai’s place and Rana vai’s place. Enjoyed playing Urban Terror with the fellow Leevians 🙂
  • Got my first Notebook. It’s a compaq presario cq-42.
  • Started using Moneybookers for money transfer.
  • Spoke at a local Seminar on Linux and Open Source

Overall, it’s been a successful year. I hope the coming year will bring more and more success and recognition for me. Hope I’ll be able to maintain a harmony between both my studies and jobs and achieve excellence in both. Looking forward to learning a hell lot of new stuff and gaining new experiences. I do believe life will teach me a lot in 2011. I hope for the best! Happy New year! Wishing all a happy and prosperous 2011!

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