Firefox Users, Get rid of low quality image from GP Internet

If you’re a Grameen Phone Internet subscriber, you might have noticed that GP Internet users are getting low quality images these days. Here’s a solution I developed. It works only on Firefox. You need to install a special add-on (extension or plugin or whatever you wanna call it) and a script. Please read on for more details.

  1. First download and install the Grease Monkey add on.
  2. Restart firefox.
  3. Install this greasemonkey script after installing Grease Monkey. Click on the “Install” link and a box will prompt you to install it.

It still might not work for facebook. Need to work more 🙂 In fact, in facebook, the JS is messed up. So, I can not fix the mess with my little JS wizardry 😛

Now it works with Facebook and almost all sites. If you find a site it doesn’t work on, please report.

This is my first grease monkey script. I’m amazed to see the power of Grease Monkey. I hope to work more on this platform. I first tried to develop a firefox add on but that didn’t work. But I’m happy nonetheless. A lot of people use Firefox and I believe other browsers also support grease monkey. I’m going to look them up and make another post soon 🙂

I have tried Grease Monkey on Chrome. It doesn’t work. So, you have to stay with Firefox to use this script.

UPDATE: Userscript link added and prepared for one click installation 🙂

10 Comments Firefox Users, Get rid of low quality image from GP Internet

  1. Mizan

    Yes vaia.. GP is sending low quality images. in Google Chrome press shift+A (7-8 time) to improve quality of all images on the page and press shift+R to improve quality of a single image. 🙂

  2. maSnun

    Ctrl+Shift+R always works. Shift + A or Shift + R works only when a javascript is present (automatically inserted by GP).

    There are times when they miss that and the shortcuts don’t work. Ctrl+Shift+R always works.


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