Things I dislike about Google and it’s products!

I used to be die hard Google fan but now a days, I’m getting disappointed with Google and Google products. Let’s see!

  • Blogger sucks big time! It was okay and probably the best in the pre-wordpress age! But now? No plugin! A top bar that is not removable. What do you have unique? Nothing! WordPress rocks! Other services are providing the same or better services than Blogger. Dear Google, you might know that your Rival Microsoft is now migrating to WordPress leaving their old platform. Can you please wake up?
  • Gmail is sometimes delivering emails late. Specially when the email has large attachment. In my case I had to wait one whole day to receive 35MB emails. Shame! The attachment size is still pretty low! While Yahoo! and Hotmail is providing unlimited storage for my emails, Gmail asks me to buy extra storage! No way! Come on Google, you place more ads inside my inbox, still I have to pay more for extra storage? Sorry, I won’t!
  • Adsense is rejecting referring to “inappropriate contents”. They don’t even bother to tell me what’s inappropriate about my site! Sorry Google, I’m not you! I can’t read people’s email mind! Adsense also randomly suspends accounts at will! This is just unacceptable. Why do you fear to show us the logs? Why don’t you state a clear reason for suspension?
  • Previously, I could add any number of users in my Google Apps account. Now it’s 50 only! Not only that, you need to pay for full features. Why do I have to use Google Chrome to register my apps mail service to be the default mail handler?
  • Google App Engine supports only Python and Java. I know Python and I use that. I don’t really like the idea of using other languages via JVM.
  • Why do I have to pay money to submit my Chrome extension to the official gallery? Can’t Google moderate the gallery to remove extensions manually?
  • What about Google talk? I can’t afford to keep my web browser open to remain online or do video chat. No major update to Google Talk for a long time now!
  • Google Chrome offers to remember password every time I log into some site. But never offers to remember the password when I need most. Yes, Chrome doesn’t offer to remember password for HTTP AUTH! 🙁

There’s many more to it! I just can’t remember them right now!

8 Comments Things I dislike about Google and it’s products!

  1. Romain Geek

    It’s ur choice to leave google. Google is loved by all over the world. Internet is quit impossible without google man. It’s still best one.

    1. maSnun

      Open up your eyes. And when your emails don’t reach in you 24 hours, let us know how happy you feel!

      I’m glad that, to me, the internet is so very much possible without Google.

      And please comment after you’ve understood what you read. I’v nowhere mentioned I’m leaving Google. I’m just unhappy with Google gradually being a money hungry moron!

  2. আশাবাদী

    I have not faced your problem yet so I really can’t tell you that I don’t like google’s service, sad fact I still can’t live without google….. and becoming hostage 🙁 (yah I know some people will tell me to fuck off and use different service provider at my will, but where is the good alternative?)

    and we thought we were working for an open world where people have a good choice….

    1. maSnun

      Yes bro, there’s very few good alternatives to different Google products. Like AOL Mail, Hotmail to Gmail. Firefox to Google Chrome. Pidgin to Google Talk etc. But there is no “total solution” yet to replace Google. Microsoft is doing better these days. Yahoo! is also trying to do a reverse merger with AOL. Let’s wait and see!

  3. Shamim

    Well bro….let me tell you what I think about the issues you have discussed……..

    1. You talked about plugin. Does supports plugin? I am damn sure you were talking about the free blogging platform. In the sense of free blogging platform Blogger is best to me.

    2. Well what about the spam mails? Is there any free mail providing services available online who can provide the best SPAM filtering capabilities that Gmail has?

    3. Who said you that Adsense suspends accounts randomly? There are several specific reasons behind of suspending an account. Now a days lots of spammers creaing junk website which are merely made for adsense (MFA). So google has been strick on the issue of saying “Inappropriate content”.

    The above mentioned three things have a conflict with your opinion…….anyways, I have told here what I have experienced too, like what you experienced to make this post.

    Sorry for my bad English. 😛

    1. maSnun

      I’m not making it a flaming thread anyway! These were just a few points I didn’t like about Google. Not only spam mails, there’s many more features (Priority Inbox, Multi-label, Offline access) I depend on in my day to day communications. But that’s not the point. Google is going crazy about money these days. Feels bad as a Google fan!

      Regarding blogger, WordPress blogs get better indexed on Google. also has many features. And like you pointed out, we can have our own implementation of WordPress with total control. Can you do that with Blogger? To answer your question, no, doesn’t have plugins.

      Did you mean my site is junk as well? In that case, I’d respect that as your own opinion. Why can’t Google point out more specifically why they believe my site contents are inappropriate? Because I believe, the approval is no longer conducted by human beings. The process is automated. Thats why they never narrow their feedback. And they do suspend accounts randomly. I’m using Adsense for around 3+ years now. I know many stories where Google paid out and re-instantiated suspended accounts. If they didn’t randomly suspend those accounts, why did they pay and restore those accounts? Please ask Google for logs and you’ll see, they never give out logs. Can you sense something?

      I’m one of those thousands who were the very first people to start using Gmail. I am from those “Invitation Age” of Gmail. Been a long time with Google! And now they’re going down!

  4. Alvee

    Hotmail’s ‘Smart Screen Filter’ works far better than Gmail’s spam filter. I used Gmail for a l-o-n-g time but it could never satisfy me. From 2008, I am a regular Hotmail user & never looked back!

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