Image Resizing With Python

At my workplace, I’m bound to work with PHP but not at my home 😀 For PHP, I’ve seen cool image libraries like the GD library, ImageMagick and in-numerous classes to manipulate images. But what does Python have to offer when it comes to image manipulation ?

Python doesn’t have any native modules to work with images ( a big exception to the “batteries included” motto? ). PIL or the Python Imaging Library is the most popular one I found. It’s just awesome. It will remind you the difference between Python and other programming languages. I was seeking a solution to convert my php image resizing script into Python. I want to distribute the solution among my non techie friends. PHP is overkill for them though I could build a php-gtk app for easy use. But still, the runtime would have been heavy. And I always like Python for distributable apps.

When I looked into the PIL, I was surprised to see how easy it is to resize images. No need to dive deep into the basics of image manipulation. Just open a image and use the resize() method.

Have a look:

Isn’t it easy?

To run it, you need the PIL. For Ubuntu, get it by typing:

For Windows and other platforms look here:

Enjoy! 😀

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