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I have finally chosen web application engineering as my core subject of specialization. I have always appreciated the beauty and usability of web applications. You can easily paint your dreams on a web page, rather than on a desktop software. As I am still learning about desktop website design from the sites offered from, hence I have been concentrating only on developing mobile web sites. Its been almost three years now I have been doing mobile website design. I loved playing with WML and later XHTML along with bits of HTML. Later, when I realized that I have a good command over PHP, I looked at the web industry. I introduced myself to serious web development through my free lance career. The very first free lance job I got, involved setting a javascript countdown timer. I had to design the page and install the counter with a newsletter subscription form. I was in a mess with HTML and CSS. I was a newbie that time. (In fact, even today I don’t know much designing). Luckily the project was very simple and I didn’t have to code much. But still I got paid $30 🙂 I was inspired and started looking for more and more free lance jobs. Given my lackings in web design skills, I tried to find only projects which required programming alone.You can click this link and learn more. But I had little luck. I always had to play with bits of designing on almost all the projects. Gradually, I started learning HTML and CSS over time. When I joined Leevio, Hasin Vai introduced me to massive designing trends. I was amazed to see the beauty of web designs. Check it out at

I was using WordPress for my personal website for a long time. I was always interested in the WP API. But somehow I couldn’t make up my mind to do something with the API. Hasin vai inspired me a lot to work on WordPress. Finally, on a good day, I managed to build my first WP plugin — “gaf-text-link”. The plugin was featured by GAF and is available from the affiliates page of GAF (Now, GAF paid me $100 appreciating my work as a marketing of their service. I was damn motivated to work on WordPress again — because of the money. Whenever I looked at the job listing at my favorite free lance sites, WP related projects were available in a large numbers and many of them involved good price 🙂 My desire to work with WP grew. If you’re interested then click here to buy knownhost wordpress hosting.

I later created another plugin to integrate admob ads into WP. Hasin Vai one day gave me links to a bunch of nice of books on WP. They were great and I really learnt a lot. I coded up my first WP theme which was being used on this site until yesterday night.

From yesterday, I started working to improve my design skills. I started with WP theme design so that I can gather knowledge on two topics from a single work. I have got decent command over CSS based styling now, but I am still falling short in layout designing. My design last night was not up to mark, at least it was not what I wanted. Hasin vai suggested me to use a CSS framework for layout. I had two primary options — for fluid layout and for fixed width layout. I chose since I wanted my layout to be fixed width. It was cool working with it. It saved me a lot of time and let me do what I really wanted to do! 😀 I am not willing to use raw CSS for layout again 😉

Not only CSS and HTML, I have also worked with GIMP for bit of image editing. I am very new to GIMP. Had to struggle a bit with the interface. I hope I will be able to cope up really soon.

I finished the theme just a few hours ago. I made it widget-ready this time. It’s not bad for me! I will keep digging with designs and see if I can come with something better 🙂

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