Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010!

I should feel sorry now that 2009 is leaving me, leaving us! I have had the most eventful year in 2009 🙂

First things First
What were the things those happened first time in my life?

— I sat for University Admission test.
— Got chances in SUST CSE and 4 disciplines in KU.
— My University life began.
— Started free lancing seriously.
— Started earning money at a regular interval.
— Went to BAD picnic and my first tour with the BAD family into the Sunderbans 🙂
— Joined my first Job (At Leevio as a software engineer).
— Attended the first ever FICC.
— Stood 3rd in my first Uni term final 🙂
— Started using Ubuntu seriously
— Started working with WP API
— Worked on GAE and other Python stuff 🙂

What else?
— BAD won the cricket championship. I was an active part in the gallery.
— Met a bunch of cool friends.
— Lost a few fake ones as well.
— My brother got chance in Khulna Zilla School 🙂

Wishlist for 2010
I would wish only one thing — A laptop in 2010 🙂

I am really contended with what I have got in life. I am happy with what I got in 2009. Thanks to the Almighty Allah for everything HE has blessed on me 🙂 I just pray that nothing bad happens in 2010 😀

I pray to the Almighty so that HE bestows his blessings upon those who have a worse life than me. I have nothing more to expect 🙂

Good Bye 2009, Welcome 2010! 🙂

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