Twitter Bot Earns Me Money :)

Well, this came up as a pleasant surprise to me when I logged into my account to deactivate the email notification. I have earned $34.2 in August 2009 from affiliate activity. I was puzzled first and then checked out the whole thing. One of the people whom I referred to GAF, created two projects there and I got the commission.

I am quite active on scriptlance and was getting bored with GAF for their very frequent email notification. Finally, I decided to turn off the notifications and deactivate my account. But now that GAF is earning me money from referrals, I am quite happy with them.

The referral links are being spread over the microblogsphere by my twitter bot that collects direct links to available projects on GAF and tweets them. I set up the bot out of experimental purpose but now it looks like it’s gonna be a good money maker as well.

Being inspired by this little surprise , I made some upgrades to the bot. The bot now adds hash sign (#) before important key words to make it search friendly. I also activated a and a friendfeed clone of the same bot.

I am thinking of selling this entire bot script at $30. Anyone interested? Bargaining allowed for sure ;-).

2 Comments Twitter Bot Earns Me Money :)

  1. Lenin

    Cool 🙂

    My bot started earning from long ago but on other site. I turned of GAF. Sounds like I’d have to opt-in for that as well 🙂

    Good going!

  2. maSnun

    Well, I am thinking of some more measures. I want to run multiple bots. One for each free lance site. I am also thinking of setting up some websites on free web-hosts which will publish the links as well.

    And some credit goes to you . I was inspired by your bot in the first place. 😉


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