Fedora Goddess, Windows 7 and an Angel

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post about this for a long time. I just couldn’t manage some time before tonight. It’s about a model who posed naked supporting fedora while being a Windows 7 user and a fedora fan named Angel. I personally don’t know any of them. This post doesn’t aim at offending them either. I’m just narrating an incident I’ve come across around a month ago.

While browsing tweets from my timeline, I came across this post — Fedora Goddess by someone named Angel. His Twitter is @CrysisGod and he’s a linux enthusiast. More specifically a fedora fan and a member of the Fedora Bangladesh team. As you might already know, Fedora is a cool operating system based on Linux kernel. Simply put, Fedora is another Linux Distro or a variation of the Linux operating system. Upon reading the blog, we come to know that a lovely lady is a fedora fan who has done some amazing artworks on her naked body. The photographs posted on the blog is strictly for 18+ people. A very cool post I should say. A very neat way to spread the word about Fedora!

Some weeks later, I found out that the lady is a Windows 7 user. On her devian art profile – http://aneska123.deviantart.com/ we see Windows 7 is her OS. OK, that is cool! There’s nothing wrong with that. You can of course pose for another OS while using Windows 7. Even you can be a fan of two or many operating systems. On the blog post of Angel, I put this fact as a comment. I also appreciated his nice post. But this guy moderated my comment and removed the Windows 7 part. I was quite surprised. Why’s he trying to hide that the lady is Windows 7 user? Is it wrong to like two operating systems? Were the photos taken in exchange of money or something? Were not the photos shot at the fanatic will of the girl in question?

UPDATE:Contacting the lady in question revealed that she was indeed paid for the photos! She’s not even a fedora user! Good job Tushar. (See Tushar’s comment below).

I don’t know why he did that. But I believe he thought that exposing the Windows 7 part might question the credibility of the photos. Or he just didn’t want to ruin the “Fedora Goddess” image of the lady. It might look bad if the Fedora Goddess has Windows 7 listed as her OS.

I requested the author to remove my partial comment from his blog post and he was happy to do that. Yesterday, when I went back to his site to enjoy some “open source” porn, I noticed that the browsers and OS of the commenter are being displayed. The lady posted her introductory comment on the very blog post using Firefox on Windows 7.

I’ve read about Microsoft articulating marketing strategies to create misconception about linux. But the linux enthusiasts are no saints either! It won’t discredit Fedora or Linux if some “Fedora Goddess” is using Windows 7. Have the honesty to admit the truth, no point in hiding the facts! They’ll come out some day!

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    1. maSnun

      Yes, I was busy with my job and term final for a while. And I was indeed intending to write an essay on this taking much time. That was more of a reason I was late to write this.

      I’m also another open source enthusiast and Ubuntu user. The problem is when the open source people talk about MS or Apple, they make them look like criminals. When they talk about themselves, they talk about human error. 🙂

  1. Tushar

    few moments back had a chat with fedora goddess and she confirms that she was paid for the photos. she is not actually a fedora user.. pretty funny.. 😛

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  3. Rudd

    Ha ha ha… 😀 What a hilarious post! You commented on somebody’s blog-post, the author did not like that, and you are sobbing here! Ha ha ha… Man , you are so noob! If anybody commented in my blog and if I do not like that, I have the privilege to delete that or modify that or whatever else I wish. A commenter should bear that think in their mind! Because it is a private blog, man! It’s not a community blog! You can be refused in any private blog!

    So no more heart breaking, mate! Wipe out your tears and get used to it! 😀

    1. maSnun

      Your comment is even more hilarious. So is your thinking ability! The point you entirely miss here is that the guy hosted his blog on linux.org.bd. Now, don’t tell me that’s a private domain… ROFLMAO…. 😀

      It didn’t break my heart. It helped me realize that this guy was a liar. He was marketing Linux and open source with porn stars without noticing that the girl uses Windows 7. He’s coward to admit the truth. But he and his fellow mates at linux.org.bd will go a long way to portrait Apple and MS as criminals for their advertisement strategies.

      It feels so good to kick the asses of such hypocrites! I’m also glad to have you here, to have one more ass to kick hard 🙂 Hope you approve my language, after all this my private blog and you had that “think” in your mind before you commented!

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Tareq

    Aneska is just a professional model and she is posing here with fedora sticker. If I use a model for my ubuntu campaign, is it must that she needs to use ubuntu? Why are you bragging her in the OS war?

  5. maSnun

    First of all, this is not a OS war.

    Secondly, I’m not saying that you can not hire a Windows user to pose for a Fedora campaign. But you should have the courage and ethics to admit the truth that she is indeed a Windows user in her real life.

      1. maSnun

        No one is saying. But when you say that underneath that blog post, your post will be edited to remove that.

        That post is trying to portrait Aneska as a fanatic user of Fedora. That is not true.


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