Copying (duplicating) MongoDB Documents (Rows)

The use case is simple – I have one row (I mean document). I need to make multiple copies of it. Say, I am building a blog app and I need to quickly generate a few posts on the database. Scripting is one way to do it, but if I need to do this only once, automation is a waste of time.

Thanks to mongodb’s shell and JS-like APIs. This is actually simple.

Connect to mongodb:

Select the database:

Find an entry on the “posts” collection:

Now let’s change the “_id”:

X is now a whole new object/document (since we changed the “_id”). We can alter other fields as well. Let’s store it:

You just copied one document into a new document. Cool?

The command line mongo client has readline and history support. So you can actually use the up arrow to repeat the commands quite easily.

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  1. Ferran


    I tried with delete x._id but it gives problems (integer numbers are converted to double). Your solution works perfectly.


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