Distributing PHP-GTK Applications on Windows

I am one of those few people who want to do everything with a single tool/utility. I have been curious enough to learn bits of every language but I am even more reluctant to memorize curves of every language. From the day I started programming, I have been looking for a single language to do everything. My quest has not completed. I know it will never be possible to find a “all-in-one” language. So, I minimized my requirements. I want to be able to develop web sites, write shell scripts and develop desktop GUI applications. With php-gtk, the last of the problems gets solved and I have chosen php to be my core language.

php-gtk is a php extension that uses the GTK (GIMP Tool Kit) to let developers build cool GUI apps which run on Linux, Windows, MacOS, BeOS and other platforms. I am currently studying the curves of building GUI software with php-gtk. It was going on fine. But the first problem I faced while distributing my php-gtk apps is that I need to port php, gtk and some other dependencies on the target machine. That hurts. So, I was searching on the internet if I can find a good solution to this problem. Luckily, I found one.

The following ZIP package contains a tool kit for deploying php-gtk apps on windows. Download and unzip the package. Then modify and compile the NSIS script that comes in with the package to build a installation package for your own app.

Download Link:

This package requires the NSIS utility from Nullsoft. Get it from the following address:

Download Link:

You must first install NSIS to build the setup files.

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