Polyglot.Ninja() – My new initiative!

So here it goes again, I have started another new blog / site – http://polyglot.ninja/ – I am planning to create programming related contents there. Mostly learning guides, tutorials and who knows, may be some video tutorials too?

Why did I start another site? Well, for one I love that domain. Also being a Polyglot developer by heart, I feel the need to make the term “polyglot” more familiar among developers. I would also like to convey the idea that learning multiple programming languages is very important. It does make us better developers if we learn new ideas and concepts from other languages.

I hope to continue writing there. If you are interested, you can subscribe to the mailing list (I have the same list, so subscribing here would also get you updates from that site). I will keep you posted of the new contents I create there 🙂

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