Using Moneybookers from Bangladesh

Moneybookers is a service similar to paypal except that they have less coverage and they let Bangladeshis sign up for their service and use it efficiently. is the URL. Those who need to receive money from abroad ( mainly for outsourcing ) can use this service for efficient money transfer. Their service is cheap and affordable.

Case Study: My Story

I use ScriptLance for outsourcing and earn a decent amount of money working at my leisure side by side of my studies at KU. I also work as a part time remote web application engineer for BRE LLC. I used to use the verified paypal account of my partner at JOTIL21. But Moneybookers have made things even simpler. Both Scriplance and BRE LLC Authority sends me payment via moneybookers and I receive the money directly into my Dutch Bangla Bank Limited account with just a few clicks. I’ve added and verified my DBBL account to my Moneybookers account and it’s all done!

Adding and verifying your Bangladeshi bank account is quite easy. Let me walk you through:

1) Register at Moneybookers (

2) Add funds to your Moneybookers account from other online sources. ( Withdraw fund from your employer to Moneybookers ). I withdrew funds from Scriptlance to Moneybookers.

4) Add a bank account with their SWIFT code. SWIFT is a messaging system used by most Banks for international financial messaging ( mostly transaction related ). For DBBL, it is : “DBBLBDDH “.

3) Try to withdraw money. You’ll be asked to verify your address or Bank account. You will be able to withdraw less than 15 USD before you verify. So, I withdrew $14.99 to my DBBL account.

4) It took around 10 days for the money to arrive home. I went to DBBL Khulna Branch and asked for the verification code that came along the transaction.

5) I collected it and put into my moneybookers account. To do that, I tried to Withdraw again. They again asked me to verify, I picked up the option that said something like “I already have the code”. I entered the code and my account become verified.

Now, I can withdraw around $2000+ in a 90 days period. This limit can be pushed further by verifying your home address and debit/credit card. But I’m happy with what I’ve got. They charge around $2.16 for every transaction no matter the amount is small or large. I use the DBBL ATM card to withdraw money from anywhere in BD. 🙂

181 Comments Using Moneybookers from Bangladesh

    1. tamimshikderm

      Dear audience,
      I am md.tamim shikder from Dhaka.I think you are thinking how to cash moneybookers usd $. Actually I need more moneybookers usd $ all time. any one any time want to cash his moneybookers usd $ just call me. 01710755271 or come in my office( 62, Bir Uttam C.R Datta Road ,Second floor ,Hatirpul, Dhaka-1205 In-front of Motalib Plaza.){it is very easy just send my moneybookers account.}i am reedy to give cash bank rat. Actually we are doing domain hosting business we have to pay more USD every day.

  1. Aziz

    Please vai apnar cell number ta din. I have some problem. As you got money from mb so only you can tell me about uploading fund and withdraw money. And what i should tell in bank.

  2. muntasir

    hello masnun vai is this possible with alertpay. one more thing
    how do i enter the account number of dbbl? moneybookers doesn’t supports
    format like please help

    1. masnun

      It is probably also possible with AlertPay. I haven’t tried though. Just omit the dots. They are nothing important. Bank accounts usually don’t have dots. I first saw DBBL using them. I left the dots and it worked fine for me.

  3. Aesha

    Asalam walaikum every1,

    Yestdy i inquired a guy at DBBL about moneybookers…….he said dat moneybookers service is not provided by them…can u tel me d branch in dhaka thru which i can avail this service…??Do i need to have an account in DBBL for withdrawing funds?

    1. masnun

      Moneybookers is a different service and he probably meant that they don’t have any relation to it. But you can withdraw money to your DBBL account from Moneybookers no matter which region you are in. Don’t contact the crappy customer care of DBBL. Do it yourself. You’ll need their assistance only once – when you need the SWIFT verification code.

  4. Tareq

    ???? ?????? ?? ??????? ??? ??? ??? ????, ?????? ?????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???? ????

  5. masnun

    You need to ask their customer care for the verification code. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited and many other banks take less time. Arafat bro told me that IBBL takes only 2-3 days.

  6. Aesha

    Thank u vaia……i will try doing this work myself this time instead of asking d guys at DBBL customer care 😀

  7. salva

    hello..can you tell me about how to convert alertpay money into bangladeshi taka?i will be really grateful.i am a newbie in this so any help would be highly appreciated.
    regards_ Salva

  8. JAMES

    Dear, I proced as your system. I send verification request but not yet recieve any verification letter. I creat a mistake when I open account on MB I does not set there my division but postcal code is ok. Is my verification will come? or I will contact with head office of bangladesh post office.


    1. masnun

      You’re talking about address verification. I also had issues with address verification. I entered my full address correctly but never got the verification code. You might contact the head office of Bangladesh postal service. But I don’t think that would help.

      I would suggest you to verify your bank account.

  9. JAMES

    Dear, my bank account is ok that I enter in MB. Now I want to know that I will search my MB verification in my bank customer care or MB customer care.
    If you please tell I will very helped……….

  10. Neel

    Hi, I just want to know one thing. I’ve an account in Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. Their SWIFT code is SJBLBDDH. Can I receive my payments from this bank ? How could? Please kindly help me. I asked my bank, they told me, they don’t serve about Moneybookers. Are they right or avoid me ? As they’ve SWIFT code, so why they told me that ? Please, kindly explain. What can I do now? Is it important to give service about Moneybookers as they’ve the SWIFT code ?

    1. masnun

      Yes, most people can’t interpret the verification code from the verification message. So they ask the bank officials. That’s probably the reason why they tried to avoid you.

  11. Mithun

    Is it possible to withdraw money from moneybookers,by a government bank like sonali bank? They have swift code. But when I asked to the bank officila they can’t assure me about it. What can I do now?

  12. Shawon

    Plz bro help me…if I don’t send any scan copy of passport, national ID or something like that after adding bank account in identification request page, will my MB account get blocked? I’ve heard from some sources that I must have to send scan copy. Or please let me know if any page for identification really comes or not when it’s my first withdrawal.

  13. Rasif

    I verified my address with moneybookers and I got my verification latter in 6th day. I also withdraw $13 from moneybookers to my DBBL account but didn’t get any verification code !!! I contacted with DBBL customer care but they don’t know what is this. Please, anybody help me to find the verification code.

    Is this mandatory to verify bank account because I verified my address.

  14. Amit

    Dear bro,,,,
    ami akjon new user alert pay..amr brac bank a/c ace. ami kibabe amr a/c money transfer korbo.plz explain me……….

  15. Neel Akash

    Hello Masnun,

    I had total amount of $32.50 in my MB Account. I’ve withdrawal via bank transfer $30. After processing MB deducted $2.39. Now my balance is $0.10. But the main thing when I go to my bank they told I’ve credited only 850 BDT. They told 12 EURO deducted from my total transaction. I’m really shocked when they told me this. You told deducted only $2.16 for every transaction. But I’m now a great looser. I’ve get only one third of my total amount. 🙁 Please, help me about this problem.



    Hello, vaia amar national bank tangail branch e account ase. ami kivabe swift code pabo? Bistarito janaben ki ?

  17. rajat

    I wanted to withdraw 130 usd from my moneybooker account to my dbbl bank account on 25 th august, 2010. that means almost 9000 tk. But i received something around 7600 tk on 31 th august to my bank account. It means almost 1400 tk i,e 20 usd has been deducted from the actual amount. I made a contact with moneybooker security team and they told me that they haven’t charged a single penny except their fees, 2.30 usd. So was that 20 usd charged by dbbl?if yes-
    1. What is the possible solution?
    2. Does they charge the same amount for any amount i need to withdraw like whether it is 10 usd or 1000 usd?
    3. How can i avoid this huge amount of charge imposed by them?
    4. Do u know any bank which does not impose this amount of charges?

    Let me know.


    1. masnun

      I also got charged high amounts recently and stopped using them. AFAIK, a German bank charges the money. So we have nothing to do. It’s MB’s fault.

  18. rajat

    You told that u have stopped using them. So now what you use to withdraw money from moneybooker? Is it any other bank or something else?

  19. rajat

    I think i cant get a payoneer card directly from their website. I need to withdraw from any of its partner. Isnt it? How much they charge to give a payoneer card?
    How much in total it is chraged for each withdrawal by a payoneer debit card?
    Does this charge vary from both to both like different charge for dbbl atm, standard chartered bank atm or it is same for all.
    Is there any role that i can withdraw money only from atm of a single bank by payoneer debit card or i can withdraw from any atm of any bank whatever i get in front of me.
    Let me know plz.

  20. rajat


  21. shuvro

    ??? moneybooker ???? ?????? ??.?? USD withdrawal ???????? ,??? ???? ???? DBBL account ? 950 + ???? ??? ??,????? ??? ???? address verify ???,???? moneybookers account verified ???? ?? ??? 31.24 USD withdrawal ???,?????? ???? DBBL account e ??? ?? ????? ???? ????? ??? ??? DBBL e contact ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? USD to BDT conversion charge ???? ?? ???? fee ??????? ?????? moneybooker ???????? ???? 2.36 USD charge ???? ???,second time ? ???? 2.36 USD charge ?????????? ????? ? ???? account ? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ? ???? withdrawal ??? ???? ?? ?????? charge ???? ????

  22. Jahidul Islam

    Just Adding my DBBL account in Moneybookers, first time I withdrew $62. But I only get 3175tk in my BDDL account. When I contact with DBBL they told that international money come to DBBL by Commerzbak AG. and they take 12 EURO for every transaction

    But from this blog I just heard that before verifying bank account maximum $15 can withdraw.

    I also didn’t collect any verification code at first time. So, does it will make any problem next time when I withdraw from monebokers?

  23. Amit

    Hello mr Masnun,
    Thanks for your info. I have a account in SCB and their swift is “scblbddx” which is not recognised by moneybookers :(. Can I work with dutch bangla only to withdraw payment?

  24. Nazmul H. Palash

    Good article! I also live in Khulna.
    I work in oDesk and got some money. I withdraw from oDesk to Moneybookers. Now time to withdraw to my DBBL Bank.

    When I click withdraw, It’s asking for my Bank A/C. I put my A/C like but it refuse.

    What will be the correct format of my bank A/C number for moneybookers?

    (SWIFT code is correct & accepted)

    Thanks, Nazmul

  25. Rashed

    bro, i’m trying to upload $500 to my mb account. could you help me in this regard. I have no problem whatsoever in paying you higher exchange rates. It would be extremely helpful if you drop a few lines here: keuakjon at hotmail dot com

  26. FuaD

    Hi maSnun,
    i’ve two moneybookers & a DBBL A/C. I need to attach both moneybookers account with one bank account. Is it possible? Or need individual bank account?

  27. jony

    viya i have an alertpay account but its not varified account, can u plz tell me how do i varify my account staying bd or is there any posiblity to varify by DBBL, IBBL,HSBC credit or debit card

  28. Kallol

    Vaia,I have a moneybooker account.Can I send my Dollers in my DBBL account.Here need SWIFT code but Khulna branch have any SWIFT code?I couldn’t find it.Oh!!!!Where I work as a outsourcing here accept moneybooker but I couldn’t find any option to send my dollers to my moneybooker account.Sometime I find send option but it isn’t actively done.After all,how can I get money from my outsourcing work station.For information the name of my outsourcing company name(!!!!!!help me.So will be very happy.Stay well.

  29. Kallol

    Is the DBBL account for whole country.That means my account number is for whole counrty.If I send to my account then can I get money from my account.But SWIFT codes are for only dhaka.Have any SWIFT code in khulna branch.You posted only DBBLBDDH.But I saw DBBLBDDH and some digit as 114,105 etc.If I put only DBBLBDDH,is it coorect????

  30. Kallol

    I cann’t send $ to my MB account.Or I cann’t upload my $ in my MB account.Can I use Bank Wire Transfer to send money in my DBBL account.

  31. Kallol

    It is difficult to open an account in a Bank Wire Transfer.Have any pr0cess to open an account in Bank Wire Transfer.Which is the better of this two(Bank Wire Transfer/libertyreserve).Actuall I cann’t use any online banking system.For this I am so much confused.Pls!!!! advice/help me so that I can get my money easily.So I will be very happy.

  32. Asif Alam Khan

    Bhai, I have a moneybookers account. I need some USD. If give you same amount of BDT. Can you help me for that. or do you know any other options. Pls. let me know.


  33. Mamunur Rashid

    Nice article man .I’ve seen you in campus .I opened Brac bank long does it take to reach money to the account , i’ve verified my address ,does it take too long to verify bank account ?

    1. maSnun

      Shouldn’t take too long. Some banks take 2 days max, some take 5-6 days. DBBL takes on average 4 days to recieve money. However they don’t charge anything on incoming money. Some banks charge quite a bit for incoming transactions, please do check with your bank 🙂

  34. Mimo Kuet

    Masnun, its Mimo here. I have a problem. I got my payment through moneybookers. But i dont have any DBBL account with my name. I have my father’s account in DBBL. I have done the address verification with the code i got in the letter. Can i use my father’s DDBL account for receiving money? I want to add here that there was a red note in moneybookers that, the account must be including your name..Thanks.

  35. kamrul

    I am waiting for my address verification letter.If i did not get the letter into my address then what should i do?Can i get the code from DBBL in which branch my account is?What should i do now?please let me inform……..

    1. jakir

      you get verification code in you home address within short time but my Qus is how to upload money from BD?
      You know BD is Exceptional Country in The globe !

  36. sohel rahman

    very usefull post brother thank u very much .. vai jodi same vabe aktu sonali bank, janata bank, and others bank ar shift code gula diten ta hole aro onek upokar hoto…thank u verymuch brother>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  37. Tanvir

    if any one wants to buy Moneybooker dollar, its available $280. Price is 85 DBT.
    Contact no. 01715139951

  38. Jibon

    @tanvir,….nobody is going to buy dollars at 85 . ….i couldn’t sell my 2200 dollars at 80 in the past month.i had to let it go at 78…anyway if you find anyone who’ll buy at 85. count me in …:),i need to sell some too

  39. Arman Hossain

    I want to open moneybooker account. I have DBBL ATM Card. Can i Attach the Card to the moneybooker? And will i Be able to withdraw money from my ATM Card….

  40. Shariful Islam

    If any body need money to dhaka account I can help you My chrge very simple .For every transaction $3 .3+2.9%.Just send your outsorcing money to my paypal accounts.

  41. Rabbil hasan

    My DBBL Account Name is “Rabbil Hasan”, But My MB profile Name is “Mr Rabbil Hasan”. My Birth Date is also difference at MB and DBBL. Have I face any problem when I connect My DBBL account with my MB account.
    Please give me this information

  42. spondon


    Bro  Ami 1st time test korar Jonno $20 withdraw e dicilum kintu amr skrill e $18.56 asce.

    ekhon ami oi $ amr dutch bangla account e widraw korte dici. kotodin lagbe ei $ amr bank account e aste??? R arm dutch e transaction hoise $16.18. amr bank e asar por ami koto taka pabo ektu bolte paren????

  43. Nirav Asif

    ভাই আমার brac bank e এ অ্যাকাউন্ট আছে। কিন্তু মানিবুকারস অ্যাকাউন্ট আর ব্র্যাক ব্যাংকের অ্যাকাউন্ট এ শুধু একটা অমিল আছে। Mohammad /Mohammed
    আমি কি ব্যাংক ভেরিফাই করতে পারবো ? ডলার আনতে কোন সমস্যা হবে ? ব্রাক ব্যাংক নাকি ১০০$ এর বেশি আনলে অতিরিক্ত ১৫$ কেটে নেয় ? এটা কি সত্যি ?
    বড় ভাইয়েরা দয়া করে আমাকে জানায়েন। অনেক ঝামেলায় আছি এটা নিয়ে।

  44. Mahmud

    kisu kisu bank e transfer korte gele onek taka charge kate.abar kisu kisu bank e transfer korte gele kono charge ney na.eta keno hoy? jotodur jani ei charge ta bd er bank gulo kate na.onno ra tahole kisu bank e dile katbe,r kisu bank e dile katbe na keno? etar karon shomporke kisu jana thakle janaben plz
    thank you

  45. Osman

    Dear masnun Bhaya

    May i use SCB card instead of DDBL .

    And one more things that i saw on internet that kind of ( came from  Paymentbd) is it trust able account to keep maintain.


    Need ur kind advice .



  46. Rabby

    Accha bhai, ami address verify korsi, ekhono kono lenden kori nai, bank verify o ki korte hobe?? ar bank verify er easiest way ta bolle khushi hotam.

  47. Safi

    Vaiya ami pray 10 month aga address verification korasi abong normally withdraw to my bank account. But july/13 month hothay when ami make a withdrawal request
    then i face the following massage.

    Identity verification required!

    Unfortunately we were unable to verify the data in your profile with an independent information source. Under UK anti-money laundering regulations we are therefore required to obtain an additional proof of identity before we can process your first redemption request.

    We offer you the following fast and easy options:

    Option 1: Charge the redemption fee to your credit/debit card (instant)
    We will charge the redemption fee to your card.

    Option 2: Verify your bank account (within 3 banking days)
    We will make a payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment we will include a unique verification code which you will have to enter back at our site.

    Please excuse any inconvenience caused. We hope for your understanding that such measures are imperative in order to comply with anti-money laundering legislation and prevent misuse of the Skrill (Moneybookers) system.

    *** First i make a request for $15 and after 30 minutes make another request for $200 to my Bank account. Both request are processed on 297\13 and it is now on the way notification me by email.
    Now i need to withdraw my existent balance. When i make a request i face same above massege.Jodio date 018\13 make another request for $14 and it is same way processed.
    *** At that moment i am in great danger. How way/ where from i collect this code or how way i can solve this problem. please inform me…. 01736758013 or [email protected]

  48. Shaheed Md Khaled

    Hello Abu Bhai, Salam and Eid Mubarak.

    One of my US customer wants to pay me $150 in Paypal or western union. But I don’t have any account with above service. I have only one account in Skrill and its active. Unfortunately the US customer has no account in the Skrill.

    Can you give me a solution to get the payment $150 in my Skrill (MoneyBookers) account?

    You kind help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help.



    Khaled, Chittagong

    [email protected]

    1. Abu Ashraf Masnun

      Western Union doesn’t need any account. It’s like local courier service. The client sends you the money and and a token. You use the token to withdraw money from a local agent. That’s it!

      1. Shaheed Md Khaled

        Thanks Bhai for your kind response.

        But I need the money in my Skrill account. How can I get it?


          1. Shaheed Md Khaled

            Thats true. He has opened an account but due to some restriction of US Govt.  he is unable to upload fund from his Bank or Credit card. This is the problem I am facing.

            In a summary, he has account with Paypal and Western Union. But I have account with Skrill.

            Please help if possible.

            Thanks again.

  49. Khaled Ahmed

    Via amar moneybookers e account ace and ami DBBL ar account ar sathe link korci. ami fist time taka withdraw korcilam. and taka ta amar account e jomao hoice. Now second time ami taka withdraw korte chachi. But akhon verification code chache. ami banke contact korci tara amake 16 digit ar akta code dice kintu oi code ta amar skill accounte niche na bolche invelid code.

    Akhon ami ki korte pari??
    Please help me.

  50. Sikandar

    In BD. Is “money bookerks”  have any office or customer care ? If they have or anyone know their address then kindly share with me. It will be very helpful.


  51. Nazmul

    Hello Ashraf vai,

    I have some questions regarding my existing moneybookers account which was opened in UK in 2008 and I also have UK verified bank & address to deposit and withdraw and my moneybookers account currency balance is in GBP a. Now I am in Bangladesh and decided to settle in Bangladesh. So can you please answer me the following questions:

    1) If I change new country of residence address then Can I still Use my existing Moneybookers account as normal which was opened in UK OR do I need to open a new account?

    2). Can I also change the currency From GBP to USD OR do I have to use the same account currency even if new country of residence address is changed?

    3. Will I face any problems with existing moneybookers account to deposit and withdraw via UK banks which was verified before

    4) When a personal account is considered to be a business account and What is the roughly limit of a personal account in terms of incoming and outgoing amount per month?

    5) Can a personal account be used for Forex trading as I an individual which involves deposit and withdraw through moneybookers and Forex brokers

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  52. Nazmul

    Yes brother, I have sent an email to moneybookers about 1 week ago but still did not receive any response so far. Lets see and hope for the best.

    # Possibly i will close my existing account and open a new one in Bangladesh. As part of bank verification process at DBBL, Do I need Swift transaction and bank transaction report?.

    It is because I already have DBBL online banking enabled. Therefore is it possible to get the moneybookers verification code in my DBBL online transaction and send my online DBBL transaction print screen to verify DBBL bank account without contacting DBBL staff for Code and statement as many staff are unaware of that.

    # and anther question, now a days Moneybookers convert all currency in EURO to withdraw and also DBBL taking extra charges which is 15-20 dollar. which bank will be best to avoid any extra charge.

    # After verifying DBBL bank account, is there any further problems did you face so far to withdraw from your moneybookers to DBBL account even the per transaction amount is good like more than 3000+ dollar transaction every time and How long it takes to receive money in DBBL from moneybookers.

    Thank you

  53. Mohammed Abdul Mazid

    Hello Masnun!I would like to ask you if you know any way to deposite USD. in my Skrill(moneybookers) account. I would be thankful to you if you help in any way.Thank you.

  54. Selim

    Hi, Brother, Greetings! I have heard that using DBBL foreign exchange branch swift code (DBBLBDDH105), it would cost nothing to withdraw the Skrill balance. Is it true?

  55. Shohel Khan

    HI ALL,

    Need USD / having problem with Skrill or paypall withdrawal contact me ASAP …..!!

    My name is Shohel Khan. I do Freelancing through oDesk, Elance. I do always have some amount in my skrill, paypall. If anybody want to buy USD than can knock me. also if you have any problem with withdrawal from skrill or paypall, i can fix up your problem but you have to pay me a bit for this. contact me through my email. Thanks


    Shohel Khan

    Email: [email protected]

  56. Towhidul Islam

    2 month ago, I opened a bank account in IBBL. Now I want to add the account in my moneybookers account. But I have seen from a blog that the bank account should be at least 6 month old before adding in the moneybookers account. If I add the IBBL account in my MB account, may i face any problem to withdraw money from IBBL? Please inform me about it.

  57. Nazmul

    Hello Mansun vai,

    I have a few questions regarding my existing moneybookers account. Pleases try to answer them:

    1. I already have a UK bank & address verified moneybookers account. My added UK bank account is the primary bank on Moneybookers. As you know that Moneybookers allows to add maximum 11 bank account of different countries to add. Recently I have added another new Bank account of DBBL as secondary account. Therefore, DO I need to verify my secondary DBBL bank account as well to withdraw money?

    2. If I open a new moneybookers account then Which one do I need to verify my DBBL bank account, DO I need only Verification code or bank statement & swift transaction report both?

    3. How Can I get the verification code in the transaction to verify my DBBL bank account and how the verification code will look like as an example?

    Thank you and waiting for your response.

    1. maSnun

      (1) No I believe.

      (2) It’s better to verify both bank account and home address. For bank verification, you just need the code.

      (3) I never managed to look at the transaction receipt myself. You better ask the people at the bank.

      PS: You spelled my name wrong 😛

  58. Nazmul

    Thank you for the response.

    As you know many Bangladeshi bank staffs are not aware or familiar with the moneybookers payment method. Therefore, What would be easiest way to tell them about verification. Is the verification code simply a combination of few letters/numbers? I mean what exactly should I ask them for the code?

    also Do I not need swift transaction report for bank verification purpose?
    and finally should I also request them bank transaction of few months for address?

    Thank you and sorry for the name mistake.

    1. maSnun

      I don’t think there’s an easy way. Like I mentioned, I didn’t see the original transcript. So can’t help identifying the code. I got the code from DBBL Khulna branch and the staff was aware of the verification code. I have a feeling it’s not that complex.

      You need the swift transaction report only when you can’t get the code. If you scan and send it to Skrill, they will activate the account.

      For address verification, they will send something to your address with a code, you have to type it back.

  59. Nazmul

    Salam Brother,

    1. Can I use my DBBL debit card to withdraw money from moneybookers and How long it takes?

    2. How much is charged to withdraw via DBBL debit card?

    3. Do I also need to verify DBBL debit card after adding to moneymakers account and How to do that?

    Thank you

    1. maSnun

      DBBL Nexus cards are linked to your bank account. You can’t link with Moneybookers. Withdraw to your bank account and you should be able to withdraw using your card.


    Hello Masnun Vai,

    1) I have a UK verified moneybookers personal account. how can I close my existing account (GBP) and open a new moneybookers account in another currency (USD).

    2) As I do not wish to verify my Bank and address again. Therefore, How can I transfer my existing verification level and limits from the former, closed account to the freshly new created account.?

    Thank you

  61. shajol

    Hi ,
    I have verified my address but not dutch bangla account .First time I have withdrawal $14 from Money bookers to DBBL. And I got the money .I have not verified my DBBL account .Now I have withdrawal $120 From MB to DBBL and it procesed .It was around 5 days ago . Will there any problem to get money in my DBBL account .How much time needed to come money in my account .
    PLZ inform me .

  62. Zaman

    I want to know the Bangladeshi agent or bank who deals “Skrill”. Please let me know.

    I am a forex trader, I need to deposit money and withdraw money from my forex brokerage house. Could you pls tell me, how it possible?


  63. Bablu

    Hello All,

    Recently I withdraw $101 from my Skrill account to DBBL but I got only $81. I went to DBBD but they says that additional extra $20 charges by sender its self. They can’t do anything about it.  I collect that SWIFT transaction report and they’re right  extra $20 charges by sender its self.

    Then I  report to Skrill and they reply to me :

    Thank you for contacting the Skrill Help Team. 

    We would like to confirm that the payment you requested has been processed by Skrill as per your instructions. The amount requested for withdrawal was 101 USD, which is the exact amount transferred by Skrill.
    Please bear in mind that this payment was an international bank wire. These are usually processed via intermediary banks which may impose additional banking fees. Such fees are standard and are beyond our control.
    We hope you find this information useful. However, if you need more assistance or if you have any further questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,
    Skrill Help Team


    Is there any one face this problem or its a scam ?

  64. Adnan Arefin

    I know how this works but i want to load some money in to my Skrill account. you see i have a skrill account but i am not a freelancer so i don’t get paid directly to this account. But i want to load some money to the account so i can use it online for shopping and sorts. Can anyone tell me or guide on how to load money to the skirll account? It would be really helpful since i don’t want to pay extra money to a third party for my shopping. Thank you.

  65. Riyadh hossen

    You told that moneybookers charge only 2.13 on ever incoming no matter how big or small the amount.But i have found to see moneybookers has charged me 3.5$ for every $100 withdrawl.I have today withdrawn $513 from odesk to skrill but i got only $493 when it reached in moneybookers.Have any solution to reduce the incoming fees? thanks

  66. Masud

    I am using 11 digit DBBL A/C number to native. I have been added 11 digit a/c no in skrill and has been command to withdraw. Some peopleas telling need to add extra 00.


    My question is: I have been added 11 digit so is there any problem to reach fund to my bank?

  67. saadat

    Hello Masnun bhai, mooneybookers now send euro instead of usd. my query is whether it is possible to withdraw euro through Brac bank. would appreciate ur response.

  68. Mehedi Masud

    Hello Everyone,

    If anybody wants to withdraw money from their Skrill account, I am willing to pay in BDT cash for reasonable rate, please let me know if anyone is interested.



  69. Deb Nandan Dutta

    I have requested withdrawl like below

    Amount: 129 EUR
    Time & Date: 11:29, 20 Feb 2015 CET
    Transaction ID: 1394002849

    Bank transfer to the following account:
    BRAC Bank Limited

    But the money has not been arrived yet. I have mail three times but not a single support ticket.

    Brother can you please admice me what can i do??


  70. Saikat

    Hello Masnun Vai,

    I found different SWIFT code format like” DBBLBDDH102″ where last three numeric digit is branch code.Now can i use SWIFT code “DBBLBDDH ” for any branch of DBBL?Plz!

    Thank You.

      1. Saikat

        Masnun Vai,
        Thanks for your quick reply to clear my confusion about the use of right SWIFT code format like a SWIFT code format without branch code which will be excepted by both skrill and local bank branch authority for receive money.
        Actually I didn’t found the branch code of DBBL Mirpur 10 number branch by net search which is in under the area I live in. And now I have to open a bank AC soon for receive few bucks. That’s why I’m afraid to use SWIFT code format without branch code as you said before in some other post. Masnun Vai, do you know the branch code for DBBL Mirpur 10 number branch? Or which bank and branch do you prefer for create a bank account for receiving freelancing money?
        Thank You.

  71. Foysal


    My name is SK. Foysal. I withdrae some money for test. And i withdraw $12. But I got only $0.5.

    Give me some suggestion please. How can I withdraw the whole money. $12 = $12.



  72. Lima

    Vaiya,27/11/15 tarikhe amar skrill account e 35$ transfer kora hoy onno ekti skrill account theke.ami tokhon busy thakay ta check korte parini but gotokal ami account e log in kore dekhlam amar kono $ asheni.karon ta ki bolte paren?

  73. cricket news

    Hello Brother,
    I have successfully verified my skrill account through i sent them my passport but whenever i am trying to ‘Add bank’ of united state of america the error message still appears just like above pic shown.I am stuck how to handle this issue.
    Ariyan Islam


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