My First WordPress Theme: gets a new look!

It’s been a really long time I have been with WordPress 🙂 I installed wordpress first on a separate sub-domain and liked the power and flexibility of WP. Later I moved the installation directly to . During this period, I have switched from one theme to another. What I have looked for is simplicity and lots of customization. Obviously none of the themes could satisfy me. I have used some really great themes and appreciated their beauty in this post but all these were overkill for me. I am a simple guy and want everything to be as simple and plain as myself.

I have always wanted to do something with WordPress API by adding Google Analytics to WordPress but couldn’t really concentrate out of laziness. After my first WP plugin became a hit one, I decided to dig deeper into the WP API and then Hasin Vai asked me to study on WP Theme Development. I was looking for this. He sent me the book “WordPress 2.8 Theme Design” by Tessa Blakeley Silver. The book was good theoretically but like always, I didn’t like the idea of reading all those texts. I just skimmed through. But it gave me basics and the confidence to do something with WP Theme Development.

Today afternoon, I started building my first WordPress theme and here it is 🙂 I have built it, gets a new look of it’s own! 🙂 This is of course a hacked version of the famous “default” theme — Kubrick 🙂

The theme I have written has no images – plain HTML and CSS. I have willingly removed the sidebar and ability to add widgets. Instead, I have some plans to put in some static contents to fill up that space. This is just a rough version. I am not very good at CSS and styling. I am basically a developer. So my design was simply rubbish! But the positive side is I have learnt the curves of WP theme development, at least the php portion.

The efforts contributed a lot to my HTML and CSS knowledge as well. It was really a cool experience working it out!

I just love WordPress! 😀


It's not everyday you turn 21 !

Yeah, finally it comes — I am a man of 21 at last… Wishing another happy birthday to myself… I regret approaching one more year to my death as well…

I can’t express how I feel today. Certainly elated to some extent. But joy is not the total scene today. I come to think about the last year. It was unnaturally eventful in my whole lifetime. Earlier, I moved to Dhaka for attending Engineering coaching at Omeca. I had to leave behind the usual life I was used to here in Khulna. It was a pain leaving my parents and younger brother. And the worst thing was I couldn’t persuade my parents to take my PC with me. I went on to Dhaka. I used to live in Mirpur 10, in Senpara.

I was having peaceful life. I used to ride Volvo to get to Farmgate and then walk to Omeca’s 5th floor. I met Palash there. He was then a moderator at , my little mobile comunity site. We had contact online but never met face to face. But now I saw him in real. It was great to have him by side. I also met new pals there. First Laxman and then Sunny was very close to me.

Life was passing by. Soon after, came my HSC result. Got 4.80 spoiling my reputation as a brilliant student. I was studying for engineering and I had GP of 18 in English, Physics, Chemistry and Math. I was a bit frustrated. I was being scolded every now and then by my dad. Life became hell for me. I still had hope for BUET since the previous year, BUET took score of 18 in that 4 subjects. I was now studying harder than ever given that I knew it was my fault I did bad in the HSC. It was my negligence that has made me pay for it. Time grew close and soon I had the sad news — BUET chose 18.5 this year and my hope for BUET was lost. Following the same track, I couldn’t appear at admission tests for KUET, RUET or even CUET.

I was hopeless. The pressure was growing on me. My dad was going insane. I applied for admission in DU, SUST, PUST and of course KU. I got chance in DU but the I failed to get the level of score in math which was required for DU CSE. So SUST and others were my last hopes.

These days, I was going through loads of pain. In the end, I got chance in SUST. I got CSE. I was much relieved. But another accident struck me. I got potassium deficiency and suddenly I lost control on my muscles. I could not move or do anything.

I was going to admit myself into SUST when it all happened. I was taken to Islami Bank Hospital immediately and I was saved. It was a bit odd. I remained alive occurring some sort of medical miracle. I had 1 mol/ml potassium less in my blood serum than the required level. My heart was supposed to have been stopped by then. But it was alright at last and I managed to get admitted into SUST as well. I was carried to Sylhet on a rent a car accompanied by around 7 or 8 of my relatives mostly uncles. 😀

I was glad I was alive. My dad though insisted on my going to SUST, I could sense his restlessness inside. So I decided to stay at KU. I sat for admission in all the schools except Sociology and economics. And I got chances in all of them as well. I chose BBA without hesitation.

Life was passing by and I had a very nice time with my new mates. Though my old friends segregated into different places, I miss them all the same. I am happy that I could find some really cool friends at KU. They have been always by my side. I have had all sorts of support and affection from them.

It’s my friends who are arranging a party at KU tomorrow… It’s Ramadan, I know but we can share some fun… have some chat and enjoy some real moments out there… what’s the need for a feast ? 😉

Well, it’s not everyday a man turns 21, I am glad that my being 21 has brought some fun for my friends as well… 🙂

Love you friends… !!

Twitter Bot Earns Me Money :)

Well, this came up as a pleasant surprise to me when I logged into my account to deactivate the email notification. I have earned $34.2 in August 2009 from affiliate activity. I was puzzled first and then checked out the whole thing. One of the people whom I referred to GAF, created two projects there and I got the commission.

I am quite active on scriptlance and was getting bored with GAF for their very frequent email notification. Finally, I decided to turn off the notifications and deactivate my account. But now that GAF is earning me money from referrals, I am quite happy with them.

The referral links are being spread over the microblogsphere by my twitter bot that collects direct links to available projects on GAF and tweets them. I set up the bot out of experimental purpose but now it looks like it’s gonna be a good money maker as well.

Being inspired by this little surprise , I made some upgrades to the bot. The bot now adds hash sign (#) before important key words to make it search friendly. I also activated a and a friendfeed clone of the same bot.

I am thinking of selling this entire bot script at $30. Anyone interested? Bargaining allowed for sure ;-).

Good Bye :(

I have been with for a long time. My blog got popularity and it helped me build up many important contacts.

Now I am using self hosted wordpress and no longer need the one. So I deleted both my blogspot and blogs. I won’t miss the blogspot one. But I do miss 🙁

Good bye, 🙁
Wishing you great success in the days ahead !

Orientation Class: BBA, Khulna University

The day before, we were told that the BA discipline of Khulna University has a very “distinguished status” and there will be an exceptional orientation class staged for the new comers. I could easily imagine that it was going to be a dazzling show down that would match the shining image of the discipline without any concession.

I woke up late, at around 8 AM in the morning, had my breakfast on a hast and went out for the University. My dad picked me up on his bike halfway through the journey. When we reached the auditorium in the 2nd Academic Building, my dad was welcomed inside and I was requested to wait outside provided that they had special arrangements for us. After a while we were welcomed inside. We were welcomed with a bunch of flowers by two charming senior female students of the discipline. We took seats and the multimedia projector had a music video running on it. The video was shot probably by the senior students and it gave us some snap shots of the university life of the already BBA students at KU. It was a nice show with some great shots from the ever exciting university life along with soft rock music. We waited listening to some country music until our guests arrived. The guests took seats and the real show was unfolded. We had recitation from the holy Quran, speech from the teachers, guests and students. There was another great video which was definitely a great show off. The video has inspired me a lot. We took oath and then we were let out and asked to gather inside a room in the 1st Academic Building. We were served refreshment there.

In short that was the orientation. But the program was of about 2 hours. I feel sorry that I cannot give you every bit of details on it. The university life is gripping me with a great pressure and demanding me to spend more time for my academic courses.

After the ceremony, I completed some other procedures which were left unfinished the previous day. Then I got back home. I did enjoy today. It was a great fun and I am proud to be a grad student at KU’s BBA program.

University was extremely fun, and I’m going to miss it a lot especially the mini projector which we used to use as it was portable, we used to adjust it to our comfort and watch the ppt’s the way we wanted. You can check out these best cheap projector under 100 if you are having a hard time buying a much expensive model. One thing which still amazes me till today was that despite it being a mini projector, it still managed to showcase clear quality.

Anyways I’m finally a grad student. Now its time to accomplish other things in life.

My First Class at KU

I was supposed to reach KU within 9.30 but I reached at 9.15. I knew there would be course registration alone but ended up having “warm up” classes. Such a pleasant surprise.

It’s 29th March, 2009. As the official letter mentioned, I started for Khulna University well before time. I reached the campus at around 9.15 and headed straight way to the BA discipline in the 1st Academic Building. There was a little crowd there, chatting and roaming around aimlessly or better said, without knowing what to do. I soon joined them asking which of my classmates have already arrived. It was then, a young guy guided us into the same room we gathered into the day we got admitted. I found out quickly that this “student looking” guy was no less than a lecturer at BA discipline. I have heard rumors about KU BBA teachers being unfriendly, harsh and strictly conservative. The openness in the approach of this “Enamul Haque” surely made me believe that those rumors were in fact rumors. He made a nice introductory movement helping people know each other and breaking the ice. We were soon having fun in the class as students kept giving out their names and home districts. Soon after he has finished, we were introduced to another teacher who gave us an overview of what we needed to do if I wanted to register myself for the BBA course.

When the class was over, we spread out following the instructions given earlier. It was a long tiring day and I, along with the other freshers had to stand in ques, stand in the sun and walk long distances time to time under the typically hot summer sun. But what really marks the day special is that I attended the first class in my university life, no matter whether there was an academic air or not, it is special and it will remain forever?.


PS: I was supposed to post the entry yesterday but I felt so tired and sleepy that I went to sleep halfway through it, leaving behind the incomplete and unpublished post. I completed it today, 30th March and looking forward to publishing it with my another post about the orientation ceremony taking place today morning.

My University Life Starts Tomorrow

Finally, I have prepared myself for the studies of Business Administration, leaving behind Computer Science. Yeah, it’s more than true that I have never loved anything/anyone more than I loved my programming environment. I have been a tech freak for a long time. I have adored programming more than anything. I remember I wanted to go for BBA before I came in touch with a guy from InfoRev. He made me believe that CSE would have been better for me. My parents and many others started to believe that I would make a better Computer Scientist than a good Business Administrator. But, may be The Almighty had a different plan for me.

Time passed and here I am, a student of BBA in Khulna University. I have completed the admission procedure already. It’s the course registration tomorrow. On 30th March, is the Orientation class. I think my classes would start the following day, 31st March.

I would request every reader of this blog to pray for me and wish me luck.

The BTTB Experience

My dad was insisting on trying out the BTTB internet service for a long time since some of his colleagues highly praised the internet connection from BTTB. So I finally agreed to try out the internet service from BTTB, the state owned telephony and internet service provider. There’s a nasty feeling in me about all state owned service providers. Still, to make dad happy about it, I agreed to buy a modem after he managed a telephone connection. I was a bit happy that we got a telephone connection within the 24 hours of submitting an application. I thought things have changed after the recent formation of BTCL from BTTB. My Dad and I went to the local computer market and purchased an internal modem for the purpose. I installed the modem successfully and dialed. Whoa? It worked!

I was wondering if it was the BTTB people knew years before. You had to wait hours, days, weeks and months to get a telephone connection. The service used to be very poor. The BTTB engineers used to demand bribe for their service. I see nothing today. I was glad and surfing the internet enthusiastically. My dream came to an end when I had a power cut after around 10 minutes into the browsing.

When the electricity returned, I turned on my PC and dialed. Damn. No response. Tried again and again. Nothing happened. Got frustrated enough to call the local Customer Service of BTTB Internet Section. They suggested my lack of expertise and keep trying. I said nothing and kept trying after dropping the call. I kept trying for about 30 minutes when I finally decided to give up. I called the Customer Care again and now they told me that there has to be at least one telephone line free for data connectivity. They suggested that I should call the dialup number from my telephone to see if it responds sending back a modem tone. I followed the instruction. A female voice let me know that there’s no line available at the moment. I kept trying when a single line would be free. I waited for 4 hours. No way!! No lines free. Now it’s around 5.45 PM in the afternoon when I found a line free and got connected to the internet. It’s true that BTTB has made fair progress in providing cheap services, but they need to scale. Being a GP Internet user from the beginning, I never knew that I had to wait for a telephone line to remain free before I could connect to the internet. And it’s the national ISP. The other day they blocked Youtube. I wish our internet was free from the clutches of the corrupted people working at the BTTB.

The Continuous Sabotage in Bangladesh

It hurts. Really it does. It’s not been long after the BDR massacre, now the largest shopping mall of the country. What the hell is up with this new government?

The effect of BDR mutiny has not died away yet. The loses of so many of our trained and talented army officers have definitely thwarted us. What really triggered this deadly event? What, really? Is it the revenge of the Roumari incident when our brave border guards shot 14 BSF dead when the bloody BSF tried to ambush our land? India has been trying to captivate us for a long time. What this govt is playing at deciding to give them transit? Can’t they see the obvious intention of the Indian Govt? Why did they not allow Army to jump into action when even the killing was not started? What was behind their decision of killing time under cover of political solution? Should we assume that what the army officers said in Shena Kunja was true? Should we assume that the Govt has a hand in it?

Now the Basundhora City has been burnt out. What made it happen? Because Mahmudur Rahman was speaking for Bangladesh, against the Indian loby? Because the Govt is not happy with the truth Mahmudur Rahman is bringing to lime light?

Should we assume that India is going to make us a sub state of itself during the reign of this govt? Why is this govt so silent when it comes to answering questions that concern India in a guilty sort of way? Why was youtube banned the other day?

I am really dying to know the answers. If somebody can, please please let me know. I love my country and would do anything to uphold its independence and sovereignty.

Khulna Zilla School: Torch Of Education

I wrote this article on the magazine published to celebrate the 120 years of Khulna Zilla School……..
Khulna Zilla School : Torch of Education

It was the year 1885 when the then English rulers established a school just by the river Rupsha. The area was considered to be the heart of Khulna city at that time. The English men wanted to light a torch of education that would remove darkness of illiteracy from this area that was soon going to be an important root of riverine communication. They were right with their thoughts and that school is now one of the best schools in the southern part of the country. Last year Khulna Zilla School was considered to be the number one school under jessore board as 69 of its students achieved GPA 5.0.  Time has passed by and this school has continued to adorn the nation with some talents who have been successful in every sphere of their life. They have brought pride not only for this school but also for the country. Khulna Zilla School by now symbolizes the pride of Khulna. This school has always been a generous guide who has guided the students to perfection. There is no doubt that the successful people, coming out of this school will admit the contribution of this school to their career. And on the year 2005 this educational institution is stepping on its 120th anniversary with the best wishes from millions of its students. The torch that was kindled 120 years ago is still providing light to the forth coming generation so that they can prove their quality in the fields of life just like they have done in their student life before. Khulna Zilla School has always been an icon of pure education, art and prosperity. “Bless this school”. That’s what everyone would pray to the Almighty.

Abu Ashraf Masnun
Class : IX,   Section : A,
Morning Shift, 2004.