Creating a Twitter Retweet Bot in Python

We want to create a bot that will track specific topics and retweet them. We shall use the Twitter Streaming API to track topics. We will use the popular tweepy package to interact with Twitter.

Let’s first install Tweepy

We need to create a Twitter app and get the tokens. We can do that from :

Now let’s see the codes:

The code is pretty much self explanatory:

  • We create a Twitter API client using the oAuth details we got earlier
  • We subclass StreamListener to implement our own on_data method
  • We create an instance of this class, then create a new Stream by passing the auth handler and the listener
  • We use the track method to track a number of topics we are interested in
  • When we start to track the topics, it will pass the data to on_data method where we parse the tweet, check some common words to avoid, check language and then retweet it.

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