Laravel 4: Sending Emails

Laravel 4 uses SwiftMailer library behind the stage. They have wrapped the SwiftMailer functionality in elegant and easy to use APIs for delivering emails.

The Mail::send() API is straight forward, it takes these as argument –

# The email template to render. You can pass an array for sending both text and html emails.
# The data array which contains the values for the email template.
# A closure to configure the message. The closure is passed an instance of SwiftMailer and you can use the same set of configuration you can use with SwiftMailer.

Choosing a Mail Transport

Laravel 4 allows easy configuration of the mail transport in app/config/mail.php file. The framework has drivers for smtp, PHP’s mail() function and sendmail. If you have a local smtp server running, choose the smtp driver. Set the host to localhost and port to 25.

Pretend Sending Mail

Laravel4 has a nice feature for testing emails on local machines where you probably don’t have a mail server installed and/or configured. You can switch “pretend” in the above configuration to true or use Mail::pretend(TRUE) before making a call to Mail::send(). This will not try to deliver the mail but make a log in the application log file. You can find the logs files in – “app/storage/logs” directory.

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