Fixing Error 29506 while Installing SQL Server Management Studio

I was trying to get SQL Server Management Studio installed when I encountered the error 29506. Looking up on the internet revealed that it’s related to admin privilege. When I view the properties of the installer, under the compatibility tab, “Run as administrator” option is disabled.

So instead, from start menu, I ran command prompt in administrator mode. Changed directory to the folder where the installer was. Ran the installer from command line and it all worked ūüôā

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  1. Mearl

    BS the self installing extractor won’t run from a “Command Prompt”. If you download the file from MS web site it is a self extracting and installing file.

  2. Zakwan

    Thanks Man,

    it really helped me,

    but why i can run the installer using run as administrator? any one know?

  3. Gaurav Sotani

    I am trying to run MSSQL server management studio 2005 express file as suggested above, but noyhing happening. tried to run the file in command prompt with administrator access, but no help. please help.



  4. Rakesh_Florida

    allright here is the answer


    Burn the  program on CD.

    Now lauch   Command prompt as Administrator.     ( Right click on command prompt to Run as Admin )

    Then  in black screen ( for those computer challanged lol )     ,  Change directory  to Your  CD    drive   ( mine is  D: )    .         I am old school and know some Dos commands.    Yeah i am old  .


    Now   from   D:  in command prompt in that black screen  type the name of file   with extension

    SQL blah blah.  MSI

    This will lauch installer.

    WORKS    !!


    (  you are welcome  )


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