Fixing the Google+ Issue on Bangla Lion

For some reasons, many Bangla Lion users are randomly not being able to consume many static contents from Google+. They are also not being able to download any email attachments from Gmail. What’s happening? Google serves their content from Gmail attachments are also served from a sub-domain of this domain. For some unknown reasons we can not access that domain sometimes, sometimes we can.

Just a few moments ago, when I complained to Bangla Lion customer care, the customer manager helped me fix the problem. What we did?

1) First we set no proxies. On my Firefox 5, I had proxies set to system proxies. Bangla Lion’s customer manager suggested that I should set no proxy or automatic detection for proxies. I changed it to no proxy. For this, I went to Firefox Menu > Options > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings (I am using FF5).

2) Then I went to “Network and Sharing Center” > “Change Adapter Settings”. I right clicked on my Bangla Lion connection (I am using the indoor device, so mine is a wired network) and selected “Properties”. In the “Networking” tab, I double clicked on the TCP/IPv4 entry. The dialog box I got, it let me define how my IP address and DNS addresses are obtained. I manually set the DNS Servers to: & .

The customer manager also gave me another pair of DNS in case I still have an issue: &
This was supposedly a good sign of proper customer service, which I had read the other day on

3) I cleared my browser’s cache and everything was okay. To test things, I have restarted my router several times to see what happens when I am assigned to different IP address. Everything looks fine.

So, the description I gave so far is very specific to Windows 7 and Firefox. A general instruction for any OS and any browser should be:

1) Make sure you’re not using any proxies.

2) Change your network’s DNS to: & or &

3) Clear the cache and offline data.

I am satisfied with Bangla Lion’s customer care, at least they put some people who knows something. When GP started image optimization, it was a night mare. +1 to Bangla Lion for their informative customer care service.

11 Comments Fixing the Google+ Issue on Bangla Lion

  1. Sarim Khan

    Hell No, This happened to me today :O :O

    First tried using & but it didn’t work. Then tried &, now image is showing, but DNS resolution is too much slow, it takes nearly couple of seconds for every request, failing on many occasions, also returning emply response :O 😐 😐 WT*

  2. somebody

    You r lucky because BanglaLion received ur call. I tried several times but failed. Ring, ring, ring,……….. no one receive, let it go as it goes.

    Thanks for the solution sharing.

  3. Shahadat

    Masnun Vhai….most probably it was me…I thought we were talking around afternoon time..Thx for ur nice complement…good luck. 😛

  4. Shahadat

    😯 Masnun Vhai…thx for remember me…and thx for ur complement..we r trying to give better solution..
    Good Luck.. 😛


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