Installing IronPython and IronPython Studio

IronPython is an implementation of the Python programming language on the .NET platform. In fact IRON == Implementation Running On .NET 🙂

IronPython allows the programmers to take the advantages provided by Microsoft’s .NET platform while writing codes in a powerful and expressive language like Python. I have been coding Python for a while and decided to try IronPython a bit. I was also looking for a good IDE for Python since I haven’t found any decent free IDEs.

You can install IronPython quite simply. Get the latest binaries from : and install.

While browsing IronPython resources I found IronPython studio which uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell. You just need to get the VS2008 Shell and then install IronPython Studio.

First, get Visual Studio 2008 Shell. The executable you download, it’s a self extracting archive. Run it and it’ll extract the contents to the location you selected. Navigate to that folder and you’ll get the VS2008 Shell installer. When done, get IronPython Studio and install.

The IDE has basic features like code completion, color syntax highlighting, debugging, project and solution management etc.

I have just started with both IronPython and IronPython Studio. Hope the experience is gonna be great 🙂

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