My First Gedit Plugin

I am now using Ubuntu 10.04. In an older post of mine, I described how you can use the PHP_Beautifier tool with Gedit to code php in a fashion. But the major drawback was that a shell output used to popup every time you used the external tool. I was looking for a solution and even after a while I could not find one.

I knew Gedit supports plugins and you could write plugins in C & Python. Blessed that I know some Python, I went through the plugin API and soon realized that gedit plugin development was not much hard. I took a sample snippet, scratched and played around and finally achieved what I wanted.

I named it “Shell Hider”. All it does is to disable the entire bottom panel so that the shell output don’t stay long. In fact, the shell window will popup for a second and then hide itself. On a fast machine, you probably won’t see the popup at all!

Download it from here:


3 Comments My First Gedit Plugin

  1. Lenin

    Hmm great!

    Can’t check it out now as I’m from Mac OS atm.

    I have suggestion for you. Make sure you always write an abstract of the problem and then how to reproduce it. And then demonstrate how you solved it. That would help just about anybody to pickup.

    Carry on the good work 🙂

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